April 2nd is considered as the annual world autism awareness day and April the month for autism. This is the perfect time to make people aware of what people with autism can go through in their daily lives. Blue is the color for autism. Why blue? Because the number of cases diagnosed with autism is higher among boys and because blue is generally associated with them. Indeed, the rate of diagnosis is reported to be 5 times higher among boys than girls. Also, around 1% of the people are diagnosed and the highest numbers of cases are located in the Montérégie area. Autism is not considered as a disease but as a neurological disorder that causes difficulties with communication and social interactions, which is characterized by limited interests and stereotyped behaviours. Understanding and social skills are then modified thus creating a barrier in the everyday life. In spite of the difficulties encountered, people living with a spectrum autism disorder have entirely their place in society and can greatly positively contribute to it. In April, let’s wear blue to support this cause!