Our services

The Association offers a variety of services   for families of handicapped people


Family Support

Accommodate new families

Meetings for parents regarding interesting topics (seminars, group discussions, and mutual assistance)

Referrals to local resources (transportation, work, respite, etc)

Active and phone listening services.

Pairing parents who are going through similar situations.

Respite Services

Saturday Respite-Activities for adults with an ID/ASD

Saturday Respite-Activities for youth with an ID/ASD

Weekend Camping-Youth with an ID/ASD

Day care services for High School Students with an ID/ASD

Raising Awareness of ID/ASD” by using different activity kiosques, the APPBHM can work on raising awareness in the community.

Building partnerships for a range of activities and services such as bowling, Les Typhons swim team, etc.

Therapeutic Recreational Workshops/ Social Participation/ Weekday Workshops for Adults

Special Events: dances, family gatherings, etc.

Day Camp: 12-21 years old

For more information, visit our pages: Youth Programs, Adult Programs, Activity Calendar, Les Typhons and Recreation.