Our Program

Our Youth Program

Our youth program is for people ages 6-21 years old who have an ID and/or ASD/PDD. This program accommodates the specific needs of the person’s family, while offering parents and siblings respite from time to time. In addition, it can also be helpful for the work-family balance. For the young person, it is a place that he/she may socialize, learn, become more independent, and enjoy themselves through a variety of activities.

Youth Saturdays:

A full day of activities such as technology, cooking, sports and outdoor games, art, etc., are offered every Saturday.

Weekend Camping:

Two days of activities and a night of camping a few weekends during the year.

Camping Retreats:

A true weekend get-away of camping!

ID/ASD Awareness Program:

A course recognized by le Ministère de l’Éducation to support people with an ID/ASD offered for Secondary 4 and 5 students in the area concerning volunteer training and integration activities.

School Monitoring Services for 12-21 years-old :

Many of these children who are 12 years and older cannot stay home alone afterschool to wait for their parents. This project, sponsored by the Ministère de la Famille, offers afterschool day care services for children who cannot stay home alone. This service is also available during planning days.

Day camp 12-21 years old:

During the summer, many of these children 12 years and older cannot stay home alone until their parents come home from work. Or even, parents may be looking for activities to enroll their child in for the summer. That is why we offer summer day camp 2014!